Customise Your Character

From choosing a male or female avatar, you can control everything for your wrestler including their name, finisher, disposition, gear, hair and more.

Step In The Ring

Using our tap based moves, you will work for real world promotions and compete against real wrestlers to put on the best matches you possibly can.

Cut Promos

Put your memory skills to the test by selecting the right sentences to put together your promos.

Deal With Media

Respond to news, rumour and innuendo from real wrestling publications such as Wrestletalk, Cultaholic, PW Insider and see how fans react to your response.

Win Gold

If you prove you’ve got what it takes, you may the promoters to choice for their next champ. Not only can you be a world champ, but you can be a mid card champ for certain promotions too.

Weekly Competition

Compete against other players from around the world to see who wins the weekly tournament and win the coveted Indie Wrestler Championship.

Interact with Promoters

Whether it’s asking for a push up the card, wanting to enter a feud, seeing if you can get a raise or just wanting to get released, you can engage with and talk to the promoters in your pro wrestling journey.

Custom Gear

Choose from a wide range of gear options. There are some you can purchase using your in-game currency as well as some with real cash – with proceeds of some of those purchases going directly to wrestlers and their families in the real world.