START FROM THE BOTTOM AND GO to the top of the wrestling world

Indie Wrestler is a tap based mobile game; made by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. The idea behind it is pretty simple – we wanted to give you the opportunity to create a character and take them to the top of the wrestling world.

How do you do that? By getting yourself over. Have great matches, cut promos and win titles. You get to train your wrestler, work for different promotions, upgrade your gear and even react to online gossip, rumours and innuendo. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s truly a unique game that hasn’t been developed for the wrestling scene before.

The ultimate goal of the game is to make it to the biggest promotion in the game and become their world champion. And then test your long term drawing power out to see how long you can stay on top for.

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No two games are the same with Indie Wrestler. Work for the promotions you want, on a schedule you want, and watch how it shapes your career.










Who’s in?

We already have a number of  wrestling promotions on board in the game – with more joining every week. Use our interactive map to see which promotions you’ll be able to work for in our game.


This game doesn't have any actually fighting. Why is that?

This is not like a traditional wrestling game. The best way to describe our game is a football manager for wrestling. It's text and tap based only. It's completely unique for a wrestling game.

I have noticed the stats on the overview page fluctuate (strength, charisma etc). Not sure what impact these stats have on the game. Can you clarify?

Each time you do a move well, it increases your stats - which make the moves easier to execute the next time. If you do them poorly, your stats go down. It's to encourage perfecting your moves rather than just rushing matches. And they reset at each level - so the game doesn't become too easy. It's an inclusion to reward players who play a long time and are doing their moves well.

I responded to an incident and had to give something up. What's that about?

When replying to incidents, you're dealing with wrestling social media. And if you get it wrong there, you'll lose some acquaintances. Just as if you get something right, you'll gain more support from your peers.

Whenever I try to sign a contract with a promoter, my game is saying I have insufficient dates. What can i do?

This means that you don't have enough contracts in your inventory to have signed by the promoter for the position that he wants you to work on his show. Go to your wardrobe and then the inventory screen to see how many contracts you have. If you need more, then visit the boosts store and use some of your in-game currency to purchase more. Then you'll be able to take them to the promoter to have signed.

Every time I'm trying to negotiate with a promoter, it's telling me that I don't have enough contracts even though my calendar is empty. What am I doing wrong?

Before entering a negotiation, you need to ensure that you have contracts in your inventory for the position that the promoter is offering you on their card. If you do not, you'll need to use your in-game currency to buy those contracts from the boosts store. Once you have enough in your inventory, you can then take them to your next negotiation to get them signed by the promoter.

What happens if I book too many shows at once?

Remember to always check your calendar before signing up to a new promotion. If you don't have space on the day of the new promotions show, you will double book and then have to blow off an existing booking - resulting in a very angry promoter.

Why does the promoter never accept my request to be pushed up the card?

Positions on the card depend on what level you are at in the game. If you've stayed at the same level, the promoter will not look to push you further. But if you move up, then there's a chance he might.

How does asking for a raise work?

If you're still on an old contract with a promoter and you've levelled up, then the promoter may be open to giving you a raise. But it's not always guaranteed so be careful in not upsetting the promoter by constantly asking for more money.

I've been playing the game for a long time but promoters are not willing to push me further up the card. When does that happen?

Position on the card is based on your game level rather than your previous work with a promotion. When you pass certain levels, you will then be eligible to be pushed further up the card.

I've upset a lot of promoters in the game. Is there a way to resign with the promotion again after the promoter has cooled off a little?

Each calendar month, the promoter happiness will increase automatically. Depending on how badly you upset them, you'll have to wait that number of months before they'll be open to working with you again.

What's the difference between the car and the aeroplane?

Planes are our games version of air miles. You get 1000 miles for the price of 850 if you purchase an aeroplane.


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